The Nam Yang Pugilistic Association is an organisation which promotes and teaches classes in Tiger Crane Kung Fu, The White Crane Soft Art (an internal martial art similar to Tai Chi), Traditional Shaolin WeaponsQi GongChildren’s Kung Fu classes and Traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dance.

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Our History

Training in Singapore


The History of our Martial Arts

Branches Around the World

The Da Mo Mountain Training Camp, Thailand


  • Martial Arts Magazine Interview with Master Ang Lian Huat

  • Bushido Magazine: An Untold Story

  • Training Kung Fu: A Women's Perspective

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Training in Singapore

  • Kung Fu Classes in Singapore

       Where our classes are - directions

  • Kids Classes

  • Private Kung Fu Classes

  • Lion Dance Training in Singapore

Our Training:

  • Qi Gong

  • The White Crane Art

  • The Heart of The Tiger Crane Art Sam Chien, The Three Wars

  • The Forms of The Tiger Crane Art

  • Applications and "Sticking Hands"

  • Traditional Shaolin Weapons

  • Lion Dance

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